How Much Is A Keg Of Beer | 4 Important Factors To Consider

By Maria Gutierrez

If you’ve ever been to a party, attended a get-together with friends, or had an event like a wedding reception, chances are you have wondered “How Much Is A Keg Of Beer?” Beer can often be the focal point of gatherings and is almost always one of the most popular beverages in any celebratory occasion. Renting out kegs can provide great convenience as well as being cost effective if done right, but where do you start when it comes to pricing out beer kegs for your next social gathering? In this blog post we offer accessible and diverse advice on how much it typically costs for purchasing or renting (or both) beer from a local supplier or retailer. We also provide tips on evaluating different special deals available so that you understand what kind of value each purchase will add towards your celebration goals.

How Much Is A Keg Of Beer
How Much Is A Keg Of Beer

What is a keg of beer?

A keg is a large metal vessel used to store and dispense beer. It typically ranges from 5 gallons (19 liters) to 15 gallons (57 liters). How much beer each size holds depends on the type of beer and how it’s packaged in the keg – most microbreweries package their beers in 4-gallon sizes while macro breweries often use 5-gallon sizes. When you rent out a keg, you are usually renting out the entire vessel with built-in taps that allow for easy service at your event.

Different size beer kegs on the market

When it comes to how much a keg of beer costs, there are four main factors you should consider: 1) size of the keg, 2) type of beer, 3) cost of the rental or purchase, and 4) any additional services like delivery, setup, and tap assembly.

The size of the keg is an important factor to consider when estimating costs. Most standard kegs hold 15.5 gallons (58 liters), which will typically provide 165 12-ounce servings or 124 16-ounce servings. This makes them great for big events with large numbers of people but if you’re hosting a smaller gathering you might consider getting two smaller kegs rather than a single larger one.

How much is a keg of beer?

The cost of a keg of beer can vary tremendously, depending on the size, type of beer and additional services you require. Generally speaking, purchasing a standard 15.5-gallon (58 liter) keg will cost anywhere from $50 to over $250, with cheaper options such as light lagers costing much less than specialty craft beers. If you’re only renting the keg itself without any additional services like delivery or setup, then rental prices usually come in at around half the cost of buying the same sized keg outright – so make sure to compare prices when deciding which option is best for your event.

Factors affecting the price of beer barrels

Finally, you should factor in any additional services associated with the keg. Delivery fees can add up quickly, so it’s best to check if your supplier offers free delivery as part of their packages – this will usually be cheaper than renting a truck and manually transporting the keg yourself. Additionally, some suppliers offer setup and tap assembly service for an added fee these services are especially convenient for people who want to focus on hosting their event without having to worry about setting up equipment or pouring beers themselves.

In summary, How Much Is A Keg Of Beer? really depends on the size of the keg and type of beer you choose as well as any other associated costs such as delivery fees and setup/tap assembly charges.

4 factors to consider when buying a keg of beer:

  1. Size of the keg
  2. Type of beer
  3. Cost of purchase/rental
  4. Additional services like delivery, setup and tap assembly charges

By evaluating these different factors, you should be able to determine how much a keg of beer will cost for your upcoming event – and make sure that you get the best value for money.

4 factors to consider when buying a keg of beer:
4 factors to consider when buying a keg of beer:

Where to buy a keg of beer?

When it comes to buying a keg of beer, the best place to start is usually your local liquor store or brewpub. They will often carry multiple brands and varieties at different price points so you can easily compare prices based on what’s available in your area. Additionally, they may be able to provide rental services as well as tap assembly/setup assistance for an additional fee. Read more at

Another option is to look online. There are now numerous websites that specialize in delivering kegs and other alcoholic beverages right to your door and many of them offer special deals and discounts too. Just make sure to read through their terms before ordering, since some sites require minimum order amounts or restrict delivery outside certain regions.

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How to store beer kegs?

After understanding How Much Is A Keg Of Beer, we will guide you on how to store them. To preserve them it is important to store it in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Most beers will stay fresh for up to 6 weeks when stored this way although craft beers can only keep for 2-3 weeks before they start to lose flavor.

To ensure the best possible taste, you should also ensure that the beer is kept at a uniform temperature between 40-45 degrees F (4-7 degrees C). This can be difficult if you don’t have a refrigerator or cold storage, so consider renting a party cooler for your event if you need one.

Tips for choosing the best beer kegs

Tips for choosing the best beer kegs
Tips for choosing the best beer kegs

When choosing the best beer kegs for your event, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, make sure that you choose the right size if you’re hosting a large group of people then it’s probably best to go with a larger barrel like a 1/6 or ½ barrel.

Secondly, think about what type of beer would be most suitable for your guests. If you have a varied crowd then it might be best to choose something light and approachable such as lagers or wheat beers; whereas craft breweries often offer unique and interesting flavors which can be great conversation starters.

Conclusion: How Much Is A Keg Of Beer?

The cost of a keg of beer can vary widely depending on the size and type of beer you choose as well as any additional services like delivery, setup or tap assembly charges. Generally speaking, prices should range from around $50 to $200 for a standard keg but this will depend on your location and the supplier you choose. By taking into account all the factors mentioned above and doing some research on available options in your area, you should be able to find an affordable solution that meets your needs.

FAQ a keg of beer

How many 24 packs of beer are in a keg?

A keg holds a truly incredible amount of beer, enough to slake the thirsts of an entire college movie night – 165 twelve-ounce cups or 124 sixteen ounce ones. That’s over 24 packs’ worth in one container.

Is a keg cheaper than cans?

Draft beer straight from your own home with a kegerator. Not only does this offer the convenience of storing large amounts at once and having easy access to it whenever you want – but it also significantly cuts costs by up to 60%, compared to buying cans or bottles.

How many 12 packs of beer are in a keg?

A full keg of beer is a total party, containing around 165 cans worth of refreshing brew – enough for any celebration.

How much beer is in a keg full size?

Kegs are the perfect party vessels. A full-sized keg, or half-barrel holds 15.5 gallons of liquid refreshment while a quarter-barrel contains 7.75 gallons – just enough to keep the fun going all night long.

Why is keg beer so expensive?

With big lager brands wanting to control which beers are poured from their kegs, smaller, more innovative breweries often find themselves limited in the packaging options available. However, many pubs have realized that cask-conditioned beer can be an exciting addition to their menu and offer a unique way for customers to enjoy craft-brewed beverages. Cask ale offers drinkers a chance to sample something different than what is typically found on most bars’ taps or shelves.

Does beer taste better from a keg or bottle?

Draft beer is usually superior to the bottle or can, but there is an exception. Certain quality beers – such as barley wines and Belgian brews – develop more depth of flavor when aged in a container like a corked bottle. Keep your keg lines clean for maximum taste enjoyment with draft pours.

How much does keg of beer weigh?

The average keg of Anchor beer is a hefty 120 lb, the equivalent weight to many gallons of water. It’s no surprise that an empty keg only weighs around 30 lb – thankfully more than half its loaded state. So go ahead and enjoy one (or three) cold ones with your friends this weekend; it’ll be worth every last pound.

What is keg of beer mean?

A keg is a small stainless steel barrel with the power to transform any gathering into an instant party. Whether it be beer, cider or even non-alcoholic drinks, these 11 gallon masterpieces provide up to 88 pints of joy for all.

What is keg beer called?

An age-old tradition, draught beer has been served and enjoyed by many for centuries. Enjoyed in a variety of establishments all over the world, this classic brew is pulled straight from cask or keg to provide drinkers with an authentic taste experience like no other.

How is a keg of beer?

Every beer lover knows that a keg is the go-to vessel for holding 15.5 U.S gallons of liquid joy – enough to provide 165 12 fl oz servings and 124 pints! Not quite ready to commit? Lucky you, your options don’t stop there; grab on quarter barrel with 7.75 gallons instead or even smaller sizes – 30 gallon maximum size guaranteeing plenty of fun for all parties involved. No need to worry about dimensions either: these babies stand at 23 inches tall so no matter what type celebration you have in store, this one’s got ya covered up top too.

How much is in a keg of beer?

Your next party will be flowing with 15.5 gallons of fun – that’s enough to fill 124 pints or 165 full-size keg bottles.

How good is beer in a keg?

For a perfect pour every time, make sure your keg of beer is good to go: pasteurized brews will stay fresh for 3-4 months while unpasteurized drafts remain quaffable up to 8 weeks – as long as you keep them cooled at the right temperature.

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